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Drums Repair and Replacement Providence

Professional Garage Door Drum Repair and Replacement in Providence

Elite Garage Door Repair Providence

Affordable Drum Repair and Replacement in Providence

The drum is a part of your garage door system that’s vital for the door to operate smoothly and efficiently. If the drum isn’t in good condition, lots can go wrong. One­ common problem is noise when you ope­n or shut the door.

Signs that your drum might be the source of the problem include squeaking, grinding, or rattling noises when the door is in motion. Also, watch out for stop-start moveme­nts, or if the door closes uneve­nly. These signs can all point toward a drum problem. If you notice any issues, it is best to replace the drum promptly to prevent further damage to your garage door system.

Contact us now for affordable drum repair and replacement in Providence.

Elite Garage Door Repair Providence

Trusted Choice for Drum Repair and Replacement in Providence

Skilled and Qualified Professionals: Our staff has received extensive training and certification to address any kind of drum problem, guaranteeing dependable and high-quality service.

Quick and Effective Service: We understand the difficulty that a broken garage door can cause. For this reason, we provide timely assistance to swiftly restore your door’s functionality.

Competitive Prices: We aim to deliver affordable garage door solutions in Providence that satisfy your unique demands and specifications while respecting your financial limitations.

Wide Range of Services: To keep your system functioning properly, we provide full garage door repair and maintenance in addition to drum repair and replacement.

Don’t let a faulty drum compromise the safety and functionality of your garage door in Providence. Contact Elite Garage Door Repair Providence today for a free consultation!

Elite Garage Door Repair Providence

Types of Garage Door Drums

Garage door drums are essential to your door’s efficient operation. These parts are located on the torsion spring shaft and help in the coiling and uncoiling of the cables as the door is opened and closed. The primary types of garage door drums include:

Standard Lift Drums:

Common for residential garage doors.
Efficient for standard lift systems.

Vertical Lift Drums:

Suited for high-lift tracks
Ideal for commercial and industrial doors.

High-Lift Drums:

Designed for high lift or cathedral lift tracks.
Facilitates smooth vertical and horizontal movement.

Low-Headroom Drums:

Tailored for limited headroom situations.
Suitable for garages with low clearance.

Are you looking for a garage door drum replacement service in Providence? All you have to do is call us, and our experts will be there in no time!

Elite Garage Door Repair Providence

Benefits of Timely Garage Door Drum Replacement

Garage doors made of aluminum are known for their versatility and low maintenance requirements. But like any other mechanical system, your door can operate securely and smoothly for many years with routine maintenance. Here are some key steps to maintaining your aluminum garage door: 

Elite Garage Door Repair Providence

Process of Garage Door Drum Replacement

Replacing a garage door drum is a task that requires careful attention to detail and safety precautions. By using advanced tools and techniques, our professionals ensure that your garage door drums are replaced properly. Here’s how our experts replace a garage door drum:

Secure Door:

Close and secure the garage door with C-clamps to prevent accidental movement.

Release Tension:

Loosen set screws on torsion springs to release tension safely.

Install New Drum:

Slide the new drum onto the torsion tube, secure it with set screws, and reconnect cables.

Remove Old Drum:

Use a wrench to loosen the set screws on the old drum, then slide it off the torsion tube.

Test and Adjust:

Test the door's operation, adjusting spring tension if necessary. Ensure smooth functioning before completing the process.